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Locomotive Operators Car

Open Single Truck Engineer's Car for 2.5" and 3.75" Scale Locomotives

Operators Car
This single truck car is designed specifically to complement RMI locomotives. It offers the easiest access of any riding car available; simply step across its depressed end and sit down. Its diminutive size and ultra-low profile minimize the visual impact of the full-scale human riding behind the reduced-scale engine. Combine this with ergonomically correct seating and you have the ultimate in comfort and style.
Operators Car Features

Operators Car

Operators Car Side View

  • Traditional cold-formed curve frame
  • Oak decking
  • Expanded metal floor
  • Pocket for knuckle coupler
  • Options:
    • Control Stalk
    • Powered version available
    • Premium Decal Package
    • Train Mountain Knuckle Couplers
    • Available in a variety of colors

Operators Car Specifications





22" (with seat closed)

75 lbs.


Man VS Operators car size comparison

Operators Car Side View Drawing

Operators Car Top View

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