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RMIs complete power switch actuation system consists of several available modules. The basic building block is the actuator itself. The mechanism, based around a 12Vdc linear actuator, is housed in a sealed cast aluminum box. Also in this box is the stainless steel spring mechanism that allows trailing through with no additional mechanisms. A stainless steel operating rod passes out of both ends, running through commercial shaft seals. The units small size (3.25D x 3.5W x 10.25L) allows mounting between and flush with the top of the ties. This actuator can be activated by a manual switch module or our exclusive wireless control system. A complete system also includes a signal module. The signal head has 5 lights (LEDs). Two white lights are angled to the right, and two angled to the left. These two sets indicate the direction of the switches alignment. If the points are not completely seated or moving from one position to the other, a flashing red light in the center of the target is illuminated. Finally, the entire system can be power with stand alone solar-power module. This is an ideal option for remote sites or difficult to wire areas. All these modules simply plug together using our standard length or made-to-your-order direct burial cables!

All RMI signal and switch systems can also be operated by one of our wireless, radio remote control systems. These transmitters and receivers are fully digital 8 or 16 channel commercial units capable of operating as a single pair or in various combinations. Let us help you configure the most appropriate system for your railroad.