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Sandy River Forney 2-4-4 Steam Locomotive

3 3/4" Scale Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive Fired on Coal, Oil or Propane

Forney Live Steam Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Need a compact powerhouse that can ride in the back of your pickup? Want to ride in your locomotive? Our Forneys will fill your needs. These 2-4-4 locos are available in two versions: Stuart with side tanks and Sandy River without. Forney style locomotives were very popular because of their compact size and good tracking abilities when run in either forward or reverse. They were typically used in branch and short line operations where the longer range afforded by a separate tender was not important.

Because Sandy River is based on 2-foot gauge prototypes, it is a large, robust locomotive. Its proportions make it an ideal prototype for the miniature railroader who wants to ride his loco. With a 4-wheel trailing truck and a generously sized bunker, there is ample room for a full scale engineer.

Sandy River models are offered as raw or machined castings, raw or machined burn-outs, or complete, ready to run engines. Water legs style boilers and Walschaerts valve gear are standard.

Forney Locomotive Features

Forney Locomotive Drawing
  • 3 3/4" scale power house
  • Designed for heavy, continuous duty
  • Built of the finest materials
  • Available as individual parts, kits, or ready-to-fire
  • Produced by the most modern techniques
  • Runs comfortably on normal railroads
  • Spacious, ride-in bunker
  • Free steaming water legs style boiler
 Forney Locomotive Specifications  
Standard Features Sandy River 2-4-4
Slide Valve Cylinders 3" (76mm) x 4" 100mm) stroke
Drive Wheels 10" (250mm) diameter
Pony and Tender Weights 6" (150mm)
Overall Length of Loco 96"-102" (2440mm-2590mm)
Overall Width of Loco 28" (712mm)
Overall Height of Loco 48" (1220mm)
Water Legs Style Boiler 120 PSI pressure, 10" (250mm) diameter
Valve Gear Walschaerts
Minimum Radius Curve 40' (12 m), 60' (18 m) recommended
Weight of Locomotive (in working order) 850 lbs. (320kg)
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