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Frontier / Columbia 2-4-2 Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive

3 3/4" Scale Narrow Gauge Steam / Steam Outline Locomotive

Frontier Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive
Locomotive Features

Electric Frontier Steam Outline Locomotive in Shopping Mall
  • 3 3/4" scale power house
  • Designed for heavy, continuous duty
  • Built of the finest materials
  • Available as individual parts, kits, or ready-to-fire
  • Produced by the most modern techniques
  • Runs comfortably on normal railroads
  • Spacious, ride-in tender
  • Free steaming water legs style boiler
  • Fired on coal, oil or propane
  • Electric Steam Outline version available
   Locomotive Specifications
Standard Features Frontier 2-4-2 Columbia 2-4-2
Slide Valve Cylinders 3" (76mm) x 4" 100mm) stroke 3" (76mm) x 4" 100mm) stroke
Drive Wheels 10" (250mm) diameter 10" (250mm) diameter
Pony and Tender Wheels 6" (150mm) diameter 6" (150mm) diameter
Overall Length (loco&tender)

160" (4000mm)

160" (4000mm)

Overall Width (loco&tender) 28" (712mm) 28" (712mm)
Overall Height (loco&tender) 42" (1066mm) 42" (1066mm)
Water Legs Style Boiler 120 PSI pressure, 10" (250mm) diameter 120 psi pressure, 10" (250mm) diameter
Valve Gear Walschaerts Walschaerts
Minimum Radius Curve 40' (12 m), 60' (18 m) recommended 40' (12 m), 60' (18 m) recommended
Weight of Locomotive 1540 lbs. (700kg) (in working order) 1540 lbs. (700kg) (in working order)
Stack Type Diamond Style Straight with Bronze Top
Headlight Large Square Box Smaller Round Style

Columbia Steam Locomotive

Frontier Steam Locomotive

Frontier Steam Locomotive
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