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Operators Car
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G.E. 70 Ton
70 Ton Switching Locomotive


23 Ton
23 Ton Box Cab Locomotive


RMI is proud to introduce six classic switching, American-style, industrial locomotives. These finely detailed miniatures are ideally suited for switching and local operations. They are fabricated from steel bar and laser-cut steel plate and sheet. Parts are assembled with individually formed solid steel rivets and scale hardware. All doors and access panels are prototypically hung with miniature continuous hinge. Also true to the originals, louvers are punched and formed on correctly scaled custom tooling.

These locomotives are available with 2 or 3 axles or 2-truck (B-B) configuration. On each model, all drive wheels are connected with side rods and have individual spring suspension for best weight distribution. The resulting locos exhibit exceptional adhesion and tremendous pulling power. Different models have mounting positions for 2, 4, or 6 group 22 deep cycle batteries, allowing long run days with heavy loads.

All locomotives utilize our proprietary motor/gearbox assemblies. The power for these units is provided by one or more muscular, 4" diameter, low RPM/high torque permanent magnet motors. These motors are rated at 5/8 horsepower continuous duty (up to 3 HP intermittent). All motors have 4 brushes ensuring low current density, long brush life, and very quiet operation. Their low RPM and high torque allow the use of low ratio gear boxes for easy back driving when in regenerative / dynamic braking mode.

Our goal is to apply our technology and manufacturing techniques to a line of highly detailed locomotives and cars we call the "Legends Series". In this line are the currently available CNJ 1000 Box Cab, D&RGW #50, Sacramento Northern #654 Steeple Cab, Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Steeple Cab, and the Petaluma & Santa Rosa Steeple Cab. A 50hp Baldwin Gas- Mechanical Trench Locomotive, SP X-1, 23 Ton Box Cab and the venerable 70 Ton locomotive.

We currently offer two 6-coupled, two 4-coupled, and two Forney style locomotives. All are 3.75" scale. There is a high degree of commonality among all models. They all share the same castings, and most water-jet and laser-cut parts. This assures interchangeability and helps us control manufacturing costs.

Roll Models RMI Railworks has earned an enviable reputation for producing rugged, reliable, and affordable railroad equipment. We hope these products have and will continue to attract many new individuals to our hobby.

RMI Railworks has made every effort to produce locomotives that are exceptional examples of custom model craft. They are simple to operate and maintain, extremely powerful and robust, and ready to run.

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