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Roll Models has earned an enviable reputation for producing rugged, reliable, and affordable railroad equipment. We hope these products have and will continue to attract many new individuals to our hobby. Our next goal is to apply our technology and manufacturing techniques to a line of highly detailed locomotives and cars we call the "Legends Series".

The initial offerings in this line are the currently available CNJ 1000 Box Cab, D&RGW #50, Sacramento Northern #654 Steeple Cab, Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Steeple Cab, and the Petaluma & Santa Rosa Steeple Cab. In Fall of 2002, a 50hp Baldwin Gas- Mechanical Trench Locomotive joined the series and in 2014 the 23 Ton box cab joined the line.

During the final days of the Southern Pacific’s narrow gauge operations, the company augmented its roster of aging steam power with a relatively modern diesel. A 50 Ton standard gauge GE switcher was re-gauged to a 36” and sent out to desert duty. Numbered “X-1” and sometimes referred to as the “Little Giant,” this unit came to dominate its operating area. RMI offers this muscular unit in two scales. Perfect for club or commerical operations.

The G.E. line of small diesel switchers were (and still are) very popular with industrial and short line railroads. The 70 Ton models were particularly versatile. The were produced in 24” narrow gauge to 66” broad gauge. Most were B-B truck configuration, but some C-C Types were built. We are proud to offer this most desirable locomotive with our new liquid cooled engine/hydrostatic power train.