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A History Lesson
In the early 20th century, stamped steel ties were produced by most major steel companies. The users of track demanded tight radii, quick installation, and high durability. Mines, cane fields, WWI trench railroads, and many other narrow gauge applications used just such track.

Rail and Joiners
Rail is available in aluminum or steel with 1" profiles. Sections have a 1" wide foot and are significantly heavier than any other aluminum rail on the market. Rail and joiners are extruded from 6061-T6 structural aluminum for maximum strength and greatest resistance to wear. Either of these rails can be used to produce main line style track with wood or plastic ties. Our unique wrap-around rail joiners compliment our rail and totally support each rail joint.

Ties and Track
Ties are formed from pre-galvanized steel, powder coated, and are pre-gauged for assembly. Also available are stamped aluminum ties.