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RMI steam locomotives are based on the concepts of Keith Watson, Australia’s famous locomotive designer. All models have been re-drawn and re-dimensioned in
Imperial units (Inch standard).

We currently offer two 6-coupled, two 4-coupled, and two Forney style locomotives. All are 3.75" scale. There is a high degree of commonality among all models. They all share the same castings, and most water-jet and laser-cut parts. This assures interchangeability and helps us control manufacturing costs.

Parts are available in a number of levels of finish. Castings can be purchased raw or fully machined. They are made from the best grade ductile or gray iron, aluminum, and bronze. Frames are flame cut from 1" thick steel plate, normalized and straightened. They are also available fully machined. Other steel parts are laser cut and CNC machined. Rods and motion are cut, not cast, from thick section 6061-T6 aluminum (3/4" and greater) plate using ultra-high pressure water-jet equipment. Sub-assemblies such as the Johnson-bar, fire box door, smoke box saddle, etc. are available as separate kits. Special parts such as piston rings, valves, and gaskets
are stocked.