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From the late 19th century onward, America began the long transition from an agrarian to an urban society. The masses of people moving into cities left behind their horses, mules, oxen and other rural transportation. Soon the towns and cities grew to such sizes that shoe leather alone no longer provided adequate mobility. The first solution to find wide use was a system of horse-drawn, rail-guided carriages. While an improvement, the volume of horse manure, the attendant flies, and some truly gruesome equine epidemics continued to spur development of non-biological motive power. Cable car systems, steam-powered elevateds, even pneumatic powered trains all had their day, but the arrival of the electrically powered trolley finally solved this urban transit dilemma.

RMI now offers a broad range of traditional rail vehicles for personal transport. From the diminutive Nellie inspection car to the elegant Main Street trolley, we can fill your need for exciting and luxurious rail transport.

Many small railroads had need for special, self-powered, rail vehicles. Track inspection cars, crew transports, mail and message delivery were essential jobs, but didn’t justify great expenditures for purpose-built units. Hence, many curious and whimsical units were created from discarded rail cars and automotive components. Our Nellie, Shady Lady, and Prospector represent the best of these unique oddities.

RMI’s Gaslight and Main Street trolley cars are large, comfortable, and capable. They are the largest self-propelled passenger vehicles practical for 7 1/2" gauge. With the elegant lines of a more genteel era, but possessing power, range, and luxury, they are sure to please the most discriminating modern operator.