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RMI’s parts philosophy is simple–any part used on our products should be made available to you. This includes machined parts, castings, motors, gearboxes, electrical components, rail, rail-joiner extrusion, and metal ties. All machined components are produced with the most modern equipment appropriate to each item. Steel parts up to 1/2" thick and aluminum up to 1/4" thick are laser cut. Steel above 1/2" thickness is cut with oxy/acetylene; aluminum above 1/4" is water-jet cut. All machining is performed on C.N.C. machines and turning centers.

Most Most of the thousands of parts we supply are in stock at all times. There are times, due in part to the large number of finished and raw parts we stock, that our inventory gets out of balance. While we regret the inconvenience that this may pose to your project, we will make every effort to notify you of a projected availability date.