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Build your own live steam or steam outlined electric locomotive using RMI's Steam Kits. Each kit comes with un-machined castings, hardware, panels and parts to build your own locomotive. Start with Kit 1 and advance to the next one as you complete your kit and  your budget allows.

Kits are available for the 2-6-2 Prairie, 2-6-0 Sweetcreek Mogul, the 2-4-2 Frontier and the 2-4-4 Forney locomotives in either steam powered or electric powered steam outline. Machined parts are available at an additional fee for those that are not able to machine their own parts.

Click on the desired STMKIT # in the left hand column to view more information about each of the individual steam kits. You may order from those pages.

Steam Kit Requirements Matrix
LS=Live Steam    SO=Steam Outline (Electric)
Steam Kit #
Sweet Creek
Sweet Creek
STMKIT-001 Frame Kit, Prairie
STMKIT-001E Frame Kit, Prairie, Electric              
STMKIT-002 Frame Kit, Sweet Creek              
STMKIT-002E Frame Kit, Sweet Creek, Electric              
STMKIT-003 Frame Kit, Frontier (Columbia)              
STMKIT-003E Frame Kit, Frontier (Columbia), Electric              
STMKIT-004 Frame Kit, Forney              
STMKIT-004E Frame Kit, Forney, Electric              
STMKIT-005 Drivers, 4 Coupled            
STMKIT-005E Drivers, 4 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-006 Drivers, 6 Coupled            
STMKIT-006E Drivers, 6 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-007 Brake Kit, 4 Coupled            
STMKIT-007E Brake Kit, 4 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-008 Brake Kit, 6 Coupled            
STMKIT-008E Brake Kit, 6 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-009 Pony Truck x 2     x 2    
STMKIT-009E Pony Truck, Electric   x 2     x 2  
STMKIT-010 Rods, 4 Coupled            
STMKIT-010E Rods, 4 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-011 Rods, 6 Coupled            
STMKIT-011E Rods, 6 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-012 Valve Gear, 4 Coupled            
STMKIT-012E Valve Gear, 4 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-013 Valve Gear, 6 Coupled            
STMKIT-013E Valve Gear, 6 Coupled, Electric            
STMKIT-014 Cylinder Assemblies        
STMKIT-014E Cylinder Assemblies, Electric        
STMKIT-015 Crosshead Kit        
STMKIT-015E Crosshead Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-016 Smokebox Saddle Kit        
STMKIT-016E Smokebox Saddle Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-017 Short Boiler Kit            
STMKIT-017E Short Boiler Kit, Electric            
STMKIT-018 Long Boiler Kit            
STMKIT-018E Long Boiler Kit, Electric            
STMKIT-019 Smoke Box Stack Kit        
STMKIT-019E Smoke Box Stack Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-020 Dome Kit        
STMKIT-020E Dome Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-021 Sander Kit
STMKIT-022 Johnson Bar Kit        
STMKIT-022E Johnson Bar Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-023 Firebox Door Kit        
STMKIT-023E Firebox Door Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-024 Bell Kit        
STMKIT-024E Bell Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-025 Standard Cab          
STMKIT-025E Standard Cab, Electric          
STMKIT-026 Forney Closed Style Cab            
STMKIT-026A Forney Open Style Cab            
STMKIT-027 Trim Kit        
STMKIT-027E Trim Kit, Electric        
STMKIT-028C Columbia (Frontier) Specific Kit              
STMKIT-028CE Columbia (Frontier) Specific Kit, Electric              
STMKIT-028F Forney Specific Kit              
STMKIT-028FE Forney Specific Kit, Electric              
STMKIT-028M Sweet Creek Mogul Specific Kit              
STMKIT-028ME Sweet Creek Mogul Specific Kit, Electric              
STMKIT-028P Prairie Specific Kit              
STMKIT-028PE Prairie Specific Kit, Electric              
STMKIT-031 Steam Supply, Upper & Throttle Plumbing        
STMKIT-032 Steam Supply, Lower Plumbing        
STMKIT-033 Steam Exhaust Plumbing        
STMKIT-034 Turret & Firing Manifold Plumbing        
STMKIT-035 Water Glass Plumbing        
STMKIT-036 Pressure Gauge Plumbing        
STMKIT-037 Steam Injector Plumbing        
STMKIT-038 Steam Pump Plumbing        
STMKIT-039 Cylinder Drain Cocks Plumbing        
STMKIT-040 Firing Plumbing, Oil        
STMKIT-041 Firing Plumbing, Propane        
STMKIT-042 Throttle Plumbing        
STMKIT-043 Stack Blower Plumbing        
STMKIT-044 Mechanical Lubricator        
STMKIT-046 Miscellaneous Accessories Plumbing        
STMKIT-047 Locomotive Wiring Kit        
  Select Firing Type, Oil or Propane            
  Select Cab Style, Open or Closed