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Featuring two 1/2hp motors, the same 160-amp power module found in RMI's locomotives and room for four 12 volt batteries, the Heavy Duty Speeder is nothing short of a mighty midget. This unit can not only promise you an exciting solo ride, but can also pull a string of work or riding cars with its standard rear knuckle coupler. The power, stability and easy accessibilty of this speeder make it ideal for club use.

Many narrow gauge railroads were marginal operations at best. Since new Maintenance of Way equipment was normally out of the question financially, ingenuity and available scrap often dictated the nature and design of support equipment. One popular concept was the adaptation of truck parts to power rail equipment. RMI now offers a 2.5” scale MOW powered flatcar to its expanding fleet of 3-foot narrow gauge equipment. Featuring our high quality all steel construction, comfortably arranged seating and controls. This is a truly unique piece of rolling stock.