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During the Industrial Revolution, riveted, open-lattice signal bridges, towers, and platform covers were greatly favored by railroad operators for their economy of material, relatively light weight, and great longevity. The tough, business-minded operators were paying for practicality; what they hadn’t anticipated was the innate beauty of lattice style construction. The complex webs of redundant pieces were substantial but at the same time open and airy. This method of assembly formed a natural bridge between the elegant fussiness of the Victorian era and the unrelenting efficiency of the 20th century.

RMI is proud to introduce a collection of prototypically accurate structures based on the lattice system. This complete line of towers and bridges represents the best blend of elegant design and solid construction. All items are built of steel plate, with solid steel, hand set rivets, assembled just as their predecessors were 100 years ago.

Great railroad empires always treated their passengers with thoughtfulness and deference. Now you can protect the gentle folk from the harsh elements while adding unique elegance and flavor to your own railroad. RMI offers you a rugged but graceful recreation of an open lattice platform cover. This style has been in use for over 100 years, and can be found in mainline terminals, interurban stations, and trolley car stops. These covers can be used singly,
or in multiple, continuous assemblies.