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The G.E. line of small diesel switchers were (and still are) very popular with industrial and short line railroads. The 70 Ton models were particularly versatile. The were  produced in 24” narrow gauge to 66” broad gauge. Most were B-B truck configuration, but some C-C types were built.

We are proud to offer this most desirable locomotive with our new gas or diesel, liquid cooled engine/hydrostatic power train or fully electric with 4ea. 5/8 HP 24 VDC motors. The RMI 70 Ton locomotive is available in 2.5" scale and the larger 3.75" E Scale. The larger E scale model is not only available in 7.25" or 7.5" track gauge but also in 12" track gauge.


  • Solid welded cab
  • All steel construction
  • 3-Cylinder liquid-cooled industrial engine w Electric Start
  • 30 Amp Alernator w Full Instrumentation:
    • Tach, Oil Pressure,Water Temp,
      Ammeter, Voltmeter, Air Pressure,Horn
    • Hi/Lo Headlights
  • Running Lights and Number Boards
  • 4 ea. 5/8 hp, continuous-duty, 4-brush 24Vdc motors
  • 22 HP Kubota gas or diesel engines Electronically controlled, Ultra-smooth hydrostat with Oil cooler on charge pump circuit
  • Solid-state programmable control and power modules
  • Options:
    • Control Stalk
    • Sound System
    • Battery Charger
    • Knuckle Couplers