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Steeple Cab

Short line and interurban railroads flourished during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Though the bulk of their traffic was passengers, distribution of local and mainline freight was also important. Delivery was most often accomplished by small electric locomotives. From the streets of Brooklyn and Kansas City to the fields of California’s Central Valley, these diminutive locomotives labored mightily for nearly 100 years.

Roll Models produces several highly detailed versions of Alco-GE’s widely used steeple cab locomotives. Depending on the specific prototype, these units include combinations of pantograph, trolley pole, and third rail shoes. All are available in 2 or 4 motor models. Current standard models include Sacramento Northern 650 series, Ft. Dodge, Des Moines & Southern 200 series, Petaluma & Santa Rosa #502. Please call for information on custom painted and lettered units.


  • Solid riveted cab
  • All steel construction
  • Moveable pantograph and trolley pole
  • Axle-mounted, heavy duty industrial
    gear boxes
  • 1/2 hp, continuous-duty, 4-brush 24Vdc
  • Solid-state programmable
    control and power modules
  • Standard :
    • Premium Detail
    • Premium Sound System
  • Options:
    • Battery Charger
    • Knuckle Coupler