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RMI Railworks Complete Track Systems & Accessories

Complete Track Modules and Separate Track Components for Your Home, Live Steam Club, Shopping Malls, Zoos and Parks

RMI has the widest selection of rail and track components available to the railroad enthusiast. Our component list includes aluminum and steel rail, tie plates, plastic or metal ties, rail joiners, fasteners, switch frogs (#2 through #11), switch points, and harp style manual switch operators. These components are also offered in a variety of finished assemblies such as 10’ straight or curved track panels (steel or aluminum rail on plastic or steel ties), standard and wye switches, crosses, drive way crossings, etc.

True Tie Track Sytems

Stamped Steel Tie Systems

Track Assemblies

Track Panels
True Tie Track Panels

Track Panels
Stamped Steel Track Panels

Cross Track Assemblies

Tie Plates

Pre-Gauged Tie Plates


Stamped Steel Switch Assemblies

Pre-Built Switch Track Assemblies

Steel Rail
Miniature Steel Rail

Stamped Steel Cross Track Assemblies

Precision Frogs
Precision Steel Switch Frog Assemblies

Aluminum Rail
Miniature Aluminum Rail

Track Components
Railroad Track Assembly Components

Harp Stand
Harp Switch Stand

Plastic Tie Material
Bulk Plastic Tie Material


Plastic Ties
Pre-Cut and Molded Plastic Railroad Ties


Steel Joiners
Steel Track Joiners and Fish Plates


Track Screws
Stainless and Plated Track Screws

RMI offers a complete line of rail and track components for every application from the largest, most heavily used club track to the smallest home or portable layout. Combine the track system with the ability of many of our locomotives and cars to operate on small radius curves and you could write a whole new chapter on miniature railroading.
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