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STMKIT-009E, Pony Truck Kit, Electric

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STMKIT-009E Pony Truck Kit. Prairie and Frontier Steam Outline locomotives require 2 kits, Sweet Creek and Forney Steam Outline locomotives require only 1 kit. All castings are un-machined unless otherwise noted.This kit is for 7.5" gauge track. For other gauge track please contact RMI directly.

Ball Bearing, 7/8" ID 1 7/8" OD

2 ea.
HWR Misc. Bolts, Nuts etc 1 lot
SPR-103 Spring, 57# 2 ea.
SPR-104 Spring, 71# 2 ea.
TRK-035 Pony Truck Moveable Center Plate 1 ea.
TRK-036 Pony Truck Axle Guide 2 ea.
TRK-037 Pony Truck Spacer Rod End 1 ea.
TRK-038 Pony Truck Top Floating Plate 1 ea.
TRK-039 Pony Truck Spring Pad 2 ea.
TRK-041 Pony Truck Axle 1 ea.
TRK-042 Pony Truck 7.5" Gauge Axle Tube 1 ea.
TRK-043 Pony Truck Spring Piston 2 ea.
TRK-044 Pony Truck Spring Piston Body 2 ea.
TRK-045 Left Spring Piston Side Bracket 1 ea.
TRK-046 Pony Truck Axle Cover Brace 1 ea.
TRK-047 Pony Truck Spring Piston Mounting Bracket 2 ea.
TRK-050 Pony Truck "A" Frame 1 ea.
TRK-051 Pony Truck "A" Frame Spring Pads 2 ea.
TRK-052 Right Side Spring Pistong Bracket 1 ea.
TRK-053 Pony Truck Spring Adjuster Stud 2 ea.
TRK-054 Spring Piston Mounting Bracket Back Plate 2 ea.
TRK-055 Pony Truck Bushing 2 ea.
TRK-062 Pony Truck Wheel Spacer 2 ea.
TRK-063 Wear Pad, UHMW 1 ea.
CST-257 6" Spoked, Flat Back Wheel Casting, un-machined cast steel 2 ea.




Write a review | No reviews for this product.