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STMKIT-012, Valve Gear, 4 Coupled

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STMKIT-012 Valve Gear, 4 Coupled for Frontier (Columbia) and Forney Live Steam Locomotives. All castings are un-machined unless otherwise noted.
BRG-002 Bearing OH, Needle, 9/16" OD, 3/8" ID, 1/2" Long 2 ea.
BRG-015 1" OD, 3/4" ID, 3/4" Long Needle Bearing 4 ea.
BRG-016 Inner Races For Needle Bearings 4 ea.
BSH-001 1/2" OD, 3/8" ID, 1/2" Long Bushing, Bronze 14 ea.
DRV-029 LH Radius Rod 1 ea.
DRV-030 LH Eccentric Rod 1 ea.
DRV-032 Combination Lever 2 ea.
DRV-038 Lifting Arm Link 2 ea.
DRV-039 3.5" Lifting Arm 3 ea.
DRV-040 Lifting Arm Collar 3 ea.
DRV-042 Expansion Link Bracket 4 ea.
DRV-043 Motion Bracket Top Bar 1 ea.
DRV-045 Collar Bracket Expansion Link 4 ea.
DRV-046 Expansion Link 2 ea.
DRV-047 Expansion Link Spacer Plate 8 ea.
DRV-048 Motion Bracket Mounting Tab 2 ea.
DRV-051 RH Union Link 1 ea.
DRV-052 Die Block 2 ea.
DRV-053 Trunnion Pin 4 ea.
DRV-057 Return Crank, Steel 2 ea.
DRV-065 Trunnion Expansion Link Screw 8 ea.
DRV-076 Weigh Shaft 1 ea.
DRV-094 Die Block Pin 2 ea.
DRV-097 RH Eccentric Rod, (4 Coupled) 1 ea.
DRV-098 LH Union Link 1 ea.
DRV-100 Right Hand Radius Rod 1 ea
DRV-101 Tapped Trunnion Pin Plate 2 ea.
DRV-102 Countersunk Trunnion Pin Plate 2 ea.
FRM-062 Weight Shaft Block 2 ea.
HWR Misc Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Collars and Screws 1 lot




Write a review | No reviews for this product.