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Write a review | No reviews for this product. RMI's Harp Stand design look like a versions of most cast prototypes. Our new model is based on the three position kind, Center, Right, or Left. The center position is for the normal, or main rout. The left or right positions are for the divergent rout. The unused side is locked out with a physical stop. This design gives you a visual indication of the main rout, independent of the direction of the curved leg of the turnout. Note: the stop can be move to allow for a three way switch operation. Our new Harp Stand works by lifting the throw bar out of a slot and moving it to the desired position and lowering it back down into another slot. The included throw bar is an adjustable spring tension type. You will be able to adjusting the tension on the point to allow for the springing of the points for running back thru the switch.




Write a review | No reviews for this product.