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These 2.5 & 3.75 scale Car Frames are for building your own unique rolling stock!  RMI has desighned a line of freight car frames with all the required dimentions already built into the frame.  These frames come with the corect coupler hight, boster hight, as well as all the standered car lengths.   These Car frames come with trucks and couplers, as well as the saftey chain eyelets.  


  • Car Frames available in lengths
    of scale 20' to 40' at 2' increments.
  • Trucks, choise style from or truck line.
  • RMI universal coupler pockets
  • Two couplers 1.6" or 2.5"
  • Steel wheels / IBLS or RMI-25 flanges
  • All welded construction
  • Optional :powder coating