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SPEED-055, Kid's Hand Crank Speeder

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Your child or grandchild will never sleep more soundly! RMI's Kids' Hand Crank Car is an instant hit and is guaranteed not to sit still for very long. Ideal for backyard tracks, temporary layouts or branchline travel. Perfect for kids from three years old (supervised, of course!) to twelve (absolutely supervised!).  This unit has a direct drive hand crank.  So when you turn the handels in one direction you go forward, and truning the handels in the other direction you go backwards. There is no coasting on this unit.


  • Rugged, Solid Steel Construction
  • Easy Action Hand Crank
  • Expanded Metal Footrest
  • 5" Ductile Iron Wheels
  • Pocket for knuckle coupler
  • Rear Sprung crash plate
  • Options:
    • 1.5" Knuckle Coupler
      "replace crash plate"
    • Premium Decal Package
    • Available in a variety of color




Write a review | No reviews for this product.