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SPEED-001, Powered Speeder, single motor

Write a review | No reviews for this product. This RMI powered speeder contains 1 5/8 HP 24 VDC gear reduction motor. Powerful enough for most MOW jobs on the railroad. Comes with 2 batteries, power gauge and horn. Your choice of colors. RMI's dual pocket coupler system allows the use of either 1.6" or 2.5" scale couplers. There is a coupler pocket located at both ends of the speeder. A battery charge indicator, throttle, power switch, horn button are all mounted on the control panel in front of the operator for easy access. May be ordered for either 7.5" or 7.25" track gauge. The charger, sound system and couplers are optional. Non powered trailers are also available. SKU: SPEED-001




Write a review | No reviews for this product.