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This model is typical of the boxcars built by Pullman around 1915. These cars were extremely durable. W.P. not only used them as boxcars, but also rebuilt many of them into stock cars and even bay widow and cupola style cabooses. Many lasted until the end of W.P.'s rail operations.

This model features not only our custom milled wood, but all the proper outside bracing as well.

To complement our new Legend Series of 2 1/2" scale locomotives, RMI now offers a line 3' narrow gauge freight cars and cabooses. Our boxcars, reefers, and stock cars feature steel bases, steel internal body bracing, laser cut marine plywood substructures, and newly developed, custom milled, hardwood timbers and tongue & groove planking.

All doors have a steel core to minimize warping and are suspended from ball-bearing rollers. The highly ornate lettering and hardware found on turn-of-the-century (20th that is) rolling stock are faithfully reproduced.

All cars have removable tops and can have optional fold down seats. Combine these new offerings with our broad range of flats and gondolas and our 5 very popular caboose models, and you can assemble many truly impressive narrow gauge trains.


  • Individual wood plank sides
  • Scale hardware
  • Functioning doors
  • Removable roof
  • Internal steel bracing
  • All steel stake pockets
  • Safety chain eyes–Standard
  • Options:
    • Train Mountain Knuckle Couplers
    • Seating Styles