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No train is complete without a caboose, and RMI's open deck work caboose has proven to be a favorite. Its all steel construction is extremely durable and suitable for years of hard use. The handsome cabin is laser-etched and texture powder-coated to simulate wood planking while minimizing maintenance and upkeep. The cabin is available in a removable model allowing for equipment storage. (Some owners have used it to mount a generator for mobile power at remote areas of their railroad.) The open front deck is available in your choice of either wood or steel. It can be provided with a base for mounting a very comfortable conductor's seat or, interchangeably, our unique, swiveling crane!

This crane is truly a one-of-a-kind accessory. It includes a riveted steel latticework boom, a main chain winch with full gearing and ratchet control, and a self-adjusting counterweight system. This truly one of the most intriguing pieces of rolling stock to be found on any railroad.