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  • 3-Foot Gauge Kilbourne & Jacobs Mfg. Co. Type 619 Steel Hopper Cars
  • Their 1913 Catalog #65 listed the Type 619 with a 25 ton rating and a 440 cubic feet capacity.
  • We built this all steel car to match the prototype as close as possible, down to the last rivet!  (hundreds of them)
  • Working hopper doors with steel pawls and ratches for actual ballest work!
  • Powder coated in black for years of service and lettered to fit your railroad
  • Our model is air brake ready!  Can be added at the time of order or easily added latter.
  • Streight, Automatic or Vacume systems avalable.
  • Special thanks to Richard Dunn for providing valuble information to complete this SCALE MODEL!