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When Baldwin Locomotive Works started producing large numbers of industrial and logging locomotives, most were of the 0-4-0, 0-6-0, 2-4-0, and 2-6-0 configurations. Because of light or badly laid rail found on many logging railroads, and the fact that almost as much time was spent running backwards as forwards on these lines, it soon became apparent that a rear guiding truck would be highly desirable. Baldwin then introduced a line of "double-ender" locomotives, most notably 2-4-2’s and 2-6-2’s.

The RMI Frontier is a typical 2-4-2 tender engine as found on logging and small industrial operations. It is built as an oil, propane or coal fired steam loco, but, if desired, can be produced as a gas / hydraulic, or for indoor operations, an all electric version complete with sound and smoke. The steamer has the same cylinders and running gear as a Sweet Creek. This is a very powerful 4-coupled locomotive! Its short rigid wheelbase however, allows it to operate on exceptionally small radius curves. (Although an electric version is happily running on a railroad having all 12 1/2' radius curves, we recommend a 25' radius minimum).



  • 3 3/4" scale power house
  • Designed for heavy, continuous duty
  • Built of the finest materials
  • Available as individual parts, kits, or ready-to-fire
  • Produced by the most modern techniques
  • Runs comfortably on normal railroads
  • Spacious, ride-in tender
  • Free steaming water legs boiler
  • Oil, Propane or Coal Fired live steam
  • Electric, Gas or Diesel Drive Steam outline available.