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Found in many configurations throughout the world, drop-arm signals not only provide audio and visual warnings (bells and lights), but lower a physical barrier to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from entering dangerous areas.

When activated, our unit starts to flash and ring, and after 5 seconds, lowers the arm. The RMI unit is operated by dual 12 Vdc linear actuators. The standard model has 2 flashing lights mounted on the pole, additional lights on the arm, and an automatic gong.

Options include additional flashing lights, cast base boxes, battery power supplies, and solar power options.

SIGNAL, DG2-1, Signal, Drop Arm Crossing Gate, Pole Base Slave unit of a Master DG2-2. Come with an 8' arm. SKU: DG2-1



Drop Gate.jpg
SIGNAL, DG2-2, Signal, Drop Arm Crossing Gate, Box Base Master unit. Stand alone or with a DG2-1. Comes with 8' arm. SKU: DG2-2